Ok, 50 days are over for a while now, I just didn't manage to write it down here. Now's the time, so let's go.


Pretty good :)
I'm not shred, but definitely going in the right direction. I'll try to continue this, but there are points when I get weak. Some time around 2 to 3 weeks my body cries for some sweets. At the moment of writing I'm not sure whether to allow that day or try to fight against it. We'll see.
Also, when I'm getting sick, 2-4 days before I really feel the cold/flu, my appetite goes in the wrong direction. I can't hold it back at that point, thinking about protein makes me feel even worse in the direction of throwing up 🤢


The enthusiasm at the beginning of that challenge left me towards the end. I could already see results, so it was like "yeah, today you can sleep longer as long as you keep your nutrition straight". I've read somewhere, that it takes 66 days to establish a new habit. Looks like I have to work on that morning routine harder than I thought.


2300 cal per day seems to be enough. I didn't see any impact on my training; let's say no negative impact. I lost 3-4 kg and it seems (there's no empirical data for it) it was mostly fat. For the gymnastics part of CrossFit, especially talking about the bar muscle-up, the impact was awesome. It felt way more easy getting up on that bar.


All in all I'd say that this challenge was a success 👍🏼. Unfortunately, by the time of writing, I already had 2 weeks of "not so good" nutrition. As soon as you leave the path, it's even harder to get back in.

Next steps are: get back on the track and stay the fu** on it 😁