New week and still fine, that's some #mondaymotivation 💪🏼

Where are the other days?

I just write once in a while, this is no diary and also, I believe I'm the only one who's reading this stuff anyway - LOL

A Hard Part Extended

Even though the European Union decided to get rid of the daylight saving time .. currently we still have it. Being happing about the daylight in the morning which makes it a little bit easier to get out of bed, last weekend we just shifted the time one hour forward. Great #not, now I have another 2 weeks of getting up when it's dark, phew 😒


... is going pretty well. For the weekend, I decided to not go for the morning workouts with Freeletics. In our Box, we had a Hero WOD in memories of our friend Heinrich. On Sunday I had some nice strength program in the OpenBox time and afterwards a nice CrossFit workout. Since I was able to get up this morning for Freeletics cardio again, everything is fine :)


Over the weekend I found out that "meat, only 2 times a week" and "no red meat" are not as easy as I thought. I actually stumbled over both intentions twice. It's not "scrambled eggs with bacon" anymore, it's just "scrambled eggs". And even though chicken is allowed; not every day.

I started tracking my food in more detail again to check my intake on protein and also as a reminder of my intentions I put up on day #0.

Today, I'll hopefully get to bed a little bit earlier 😪

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