I started writing this post on day #18 and now it's #24. I just had so much other stuff interrupting me from writing, that I couldn't finish the day#18 post 🤷‍♂️

However, "almost 3 weeks over" (now, at day #24 a little bit over 3 weeks) and still in ... another #(monday)motivation


After 2 weeks, it felt like all my energy storages have been drained and the "from now on it will suck"-part will start to kick off. I felt totally hammered second to last Thursday. I'm not talking about sore muscles, it was the whole body. Fortunately, Thursday is rest day and I could regenerate a little bit.


... is still going well. Even though I had 2 days were I just couldn't manage to get out of bed on time, I still did all my planned workouts and mobility for these days; exception: last Thursday. My plan was to get to my box in the evening for Lifting- and CrossFit-Class, but a failed software launch at my job changed my plans and I had 2 rest days in a row. I was pretty pissed off but for the special Good Friday workout, I was so powered up 🍄🏃🏻‍♂️, it felt like I could workout forever.
35 minute AMRAP at a really good pace and I could have easily gone for another 35 minutes.
In the end, these 2 rest days haven't been that bad.


Oh dear, the easter weekend. Friday night was really really bad. It's that "all or nothing" mentality that I often have. Started with pizza and ended up with chocolate and ice cream sigh.
However, the rest of the weekend ('till now) went ok and as long as my body doesn't feel bad, I'm fine. But: I really need to focus more on my personal challenge to get that 6-pack ready.

I'm off for a 5k run now.