BAM, the alarm clock went off at 04:45am this morning and I thought it would be a good idea to put this epic sound on it ... nope, it wasn't! I have to find something that starts a little bit smoother :) I intentionally placed my smartphone/alarm clock somewhere in the room so that I had to get up to stop it. It worked.

Why so early?

I forgot to mention that I already have a small morning routing which consists of mobility. I'm using ROMWOD to get my mobility workouts and this really pays off. Unfortunately, ROMWOD has the so called warrior routine every Thursday and this means: instead of the usual 15-20 minute mobility, on Thursdays it is 45-50 minutes ... so guess what, I had to get up even earlier - ouch!


After getting up, it took me 10 to 15 minutes to get ready and start my Freeletics cardio workout as planned. The workout was ok but I sweated my a** of, more than usual; or at least it felt like it.
Total workout time was around 40-50 minutes and after that I did the 45 minutes mobility part. Done!

For tonights strength part, I'm still thinking about my equipment and what I can do. It'll probably be something like

  • Bent over Barbell Rows (Barbell or Dumbbells)
  • Weighted High Knees (with MedBall)
  • Strict Presses (Barbell or Dumbbells)

It's early afternoon, I'm a little bit tired, not too much, but this is that time of the day; might not be related to getting up so early. Still, memo to myself: get to bed at 10pm, not later, especially on Wednesdays.


I'd just say: "Real food, not too much, mostly plants"

So far so good :)

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