I love sport, hard and exhausting workouts, competition and so on ... but there are some days, mostly even weeks, were I have a hard time keeping me motivated or even getting my ass up to do something.
While writing this, it is one of these moments, the moment when I keep asking myself

How do you stay motivated?

I've heard the quote

If you have habits, you don't need motivation

and I think in one of the Freeletics newsletter I read that it takes you about 21 days to set up a habit.
I'm trying hard to work on both, setting up a habit and stay motivated, but when I look at my life, it's sometimes just not possible.

  • First thing is, I'm running my own company, own a house and have a family. Two out of those three things have a lot of surprises that usually don't fit into a well planned schedule :)
  • Second is, that I'm missing a workout friend that gives you the right kick at the right time. I always have to get my ass up myself.
So what am I doing to stay on the track?

To work around the first point, I try to get up at 5:30 in the morning and work out for about an 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This schedule involves going to bed at around 10pm ... also not so easy to achieve but possible. This keeps the rest of my day free for unforeseen events.

To address the second problem I joined the CrossFit community (CrossFit BlackWarriors Ober-Mörlen) and I follow other athletes and people who motivate me. I'm especially talking about The Rock and diverse Freeletics ambassadors and CrossFit athletes. I also have a couple of motivational YouTube videos that I have subscribed to.

I read some comments on Facebook where people make fun of you because you motivate yourself by buying and wearing workout gear from The Rocks Under Armour collection, Freeletics wear or similar stuff ... just don't listen, whatever keeps you motivated, go for it!
(You only have to remember that only wearing the gear does not make you look like Hobbs ;) )

The part that really fires me off the track is getting sick

Like Murphy's law, it looks like it always hits me when there's an awesome 20°C to 30°C sunshine weekend right before. You have to stay calm, can't do any HIT training and when I'm totally unmotivated I start eating ... of course the wrong stuff.

I try to not let this put me to far down so I started doing other things that are barely connected with sport: writing this blog post, creating workouts, read about nutrition or training methods and prepare workout playlists.

Now what's the conclusion of all this?
  1. You are not alone
    There are others also having a hard time to stay on the track
  2. Check your weekly schedule
    What can you change so that unexpected events don't cross your plans (easily)?
  3. Find motivation
    What keeps you motivated? Best: find a workout buddy that has the same mind-set.
  4. Listen to your body
    If you'r sick, don't push it too much. Let go until your body tells you that your good again.

Now, after all that writing, let's see if I can heed my own advices :)

what's left to say?

  • stay strong
  • don't quit
  • no excuses
  • beast mode
  • rent's due
  • blood, sweat, respect
  • iron
  • just do it


Keit Trysh