I just want to share my playlists that I use for my workouts.

I've been searching through the web a lot but it seems that a lot of people don't really need "strong" music to keep up the right mood when working out.
It took me a while to create the lists (only two of them by now) because I always find myself in a different mood when putting the music together and the time I work out and listen to it.

My music flat rate provider ist Google Music. They also have (like probably most others have too) the feature "Similar artists". I use that feature to keep the music genre homogeneously when I think I found the right one. Nevertheless don't be surprised ... depending on the mood and workout type (running, Freeletics etc.) I might mix some strange songs into the same list :)

I'll try to add more lists when I find the time (and the right mood for it ;) )

  1. Bam Workout
  2. Bam Workout #2