Yesterday I saw this video here of a guy eating and training like Chris Hemsworth for 30 Days which really got me motivated to give it a 'real' try to get shredded. To put some numbers on it, I set my goal to my birthday in mid May; that's around 50 days from now.
Let's just start ...

Day #0

I consider the day of this writing as day no zero. I need to think and plan a little bit ahead with workouts, nutrition and sleep.


The current plan I have looks like this

  • no red meat
  • meat (chicken, turkey etc.) only twice a week
  • at least one day fish
  • no sweets and (refined) sugar
  • thumb rule from Ben Bergeron on his podcast Ep#014: "Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants"

So yes, I'm not trying to count the exact macros too hard. I don't want to loose muscles, so I will take care about my protein, but that's probably it when it comes down to tracking.


Like in the video, I want to do cardio every morning. Getting up early at the moment sounds like one of the toughest things to manage, so let's see how this will work.
I reactivated my Freeletics Coach App to get already programmed cardio workouts. Other than in the 'I Worked out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 Days' video, I will do most of the workouts at home to keep the family-job-sport triangle running.

The strength part in the evening will be the most challenging in terms of what to do and eventually missing equipment. I'll try to hit my CrossFit Box at least 3 times a week to somehow get around this issue.


Well, just get to bed between 10 and 10:30 pm, depending on the time I need for the morning workout. Freeletics estimates the workout time based on your already executed workouts.

That's it for day #0, tomorrow will be grocery store day and I will end up with a lot of vegetables :)

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