Yep, we're #inTheOpen 2018. I did the 18.1 twice and could improve on the 2nd attempt. Here's what I can tell you about it.

First of all: check the rulebook and read carefully how the movements of the workout have to be executed. You don't want to start off like Samantha Briggs getting a no-rep on her first dumbbell hang clean & jerk (video around minute 30:10) because she cleaned that thing directly from the floor instead of going to the hang position first.

Since CrossFit HQ also gives you tips & tricks on how to perform the open workouts, you should definitely watch their videos as well.

Now here are my personal tips that I improved when going through 18.1 a second time:

  1. Every movement of 18.1 involves your hands grabbing something: the bar for the toes-2-bar, the dumbbell, the rower. When going from toes-2-bar to the dumbbells, use your stronger arm/hand first so the weaker hand has more rest time.
  2. Use the jerk to get the dumbbell overhead. The earlier you lock out your arm the better. Make use of the second dip to get under the dumbbell, lock out, then stand up.
  3. Rowing: Use long strokes instead of many. I ended up with around 30 strokes per minute with long and powerful strokes of around 1000cal/hour. If you need rest time, use the rower for it; even if you row slow, you're still making progress on your workout.

Now get out and rock that thing. I see you on the leaderboard ;)